sydney writer's festival

Sydney Writers’ Festival is an event held in different places in Sydney, in May (Fall).
The main goal of the festival is to gather people with interest in literacy and reading/writing.
It consists in inviting writers (internation and local) to encourage them to promote their current/previous works and give lectures, conferences,...


For the Sydney Writers’ Festival, I chose to base my graphics upon the book as an object.
I wanted it to be an hommage to print. By cutting, folding, molding written pages from various novels, I’ve created patterns that refer to different genders of literacy. The book is a tool for our imagin    aiion and I wanted my visuals to reflect that. This is why I sculpted images that can refer to many things, and trigger one’s imagination.
To give all room to those sculptures, I have taken photos of them with a scenic lighting and a black background, as if there were on stage. Because books are the main actors in this festival, aren’t they ?